Book Review: ‘Prodigal Son: An Agent X Novel’ By Gregg Hurwitz Is The Next Thrilling Novel

I’ve loved the Agent X books from the very beginning and now in book number six author Gregg Hurwitz continues to top himself from the previous novel. This novel changes the series forever. We learn more about Evan’s past with shocking twists and turns.

In Prodigal Son Evan Smoak also known as Agent X and also known as The Nowhere Man. But Evan is ready for the quiet life. He has put The Nowhere Man away, Agent X is retired after the events of the last book and an agreement with the President. Evan even thinks maybe just maybe he can have something with Mia and Peter. But his phone keeps ringing with the woman from Argentina, the one that claims she is his real mother.

He flies down to meet her and it does turn out she is his birth mother and she wants his help. She knows who he is and what he does and wants him to help a friend of hers Andrew Duran (who it turns out Evan has a past with), who’s in a world of trouble. Queenie and Declan are on his case and mean to kill him. He knows things he shouldn’t know about a top secret Government program going on and it’s lead by The Doctor. And now Evan is in the middle of it. He calls on Joey and Candy to help him out when he learns all the information and it’s a race to save Andrew and himself.

And if that’s not enough he learns more shocking secrets about his mother, who his real father is and who Andrew is. And just when it seems things are finally ready to be normal…bam a shocking ending changes everything.

You can pick up Prodigal Son in stores on Tuesday, January 26th from Minotaur Books.

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