Book Review: ‘Problem Child’ Is The Next Thrilling Jane Doe Novel By Victoria Helen Stone

Jane is back in the second book in the series. She’s in Minneapolis working at a prestigious law firm as a lawyer and looking to work her way up in the firm. She works with Rob, who likes to take credit for things she has done, and is being looked at to move up. Jane is tired of how he treats her and she undermines him. Jane is not someone you mess with and she loves being able to take him down.

Jane has a steady boyfriend Jake and they’re in love. But he wants more and she keeps telling him it’s good as it is. She’s not into marriage or having kids. He wants to move in together and it freaks her out. He’s great in bed but she wants things like they are now. Jane has to put things on hold right now when she gets an urgent call from her former sister-in-law that her niece Kayla is missing. A niece she may have met when she was a baby but she has had no contact with her family in years. At first Jane shakes it off but decides to go looking for Kayla. She’s told she is just like Jane.

She is off to Oklahoma and searches for Kayla. It means seeing her loser family, using her feminine wiles and finding out everything Kayla was involved in and it’s a lot. She’s able to track down Kayla and needs to form a plan to get her out of the trouble she’s in and to try and get her to take hold of her life before it’s too late.

Jane is an awesome character. You don’t want to mess with this woman as she will take you down. The story itself is intense as we follow Jane doing what she does best, taking control and kicking ass.

You can pick up Problem Child in stores on Tuesday, March 24th.

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