Book Review: ‘Pretty Revenge’ By Emily Liebert

Kerry O’Malley won’t forget that day when she was 12 years old when everything changed for her. She had only met the girl once, offered her help and then she did what she did. Now it is 18 years later and she sees Jordana Pierson on the news. She’s planning the wedding of the year with her wedding business, lives the high life with her rich husband. This sets Kerry off and she wants her revenge. She also needs an assistant to help her out.

Kerry decides this is her destiny and applies for the job under a different name. Jordana likes what she sees interviews her (and doesn’t recognize her) and hires her. Now going by Olivia she has access to Jordana’s life and takes full advantage of it. She’s not sure what exactly she will do for her revenge but starts doing little things and then comes up with a major plan to take her down and it will involve collateral damage in William. He is the the groom getting married in the wedding of the year. But he is not sure of things and he and Olivia are growing close. Will she be able to pull the plug on her plan and will William ever forgive her when he learns the truth?

A good summer read with interesting characters, a solid story and some good twists and turns. You can pick it up in stores now.

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