Book Review: ‘Play For Me: A Novel’ By Libby Hubscher

Sophia Doyle lives in Boston, and is a trainer for the Boston Red Sox, who are in the world series. When she benches the star pitcher, they lose, and she’s fired, gets dumped by her boyfriend, and kicked out of the apartment. She applies for, and accepts, a job at a New Hampshire boarding school as a trainer. It comes with an apartment, share by three guys, one is Maestro Jonas Voss, who has a hand injury. The two don’t get on at first, then slowly warm to each other, and she’s able to help him with his injured hand. They fall for each other, but with the school year coming to an end, is this something they truly want? A fun rom-com, that hits all the right notes. You become invested in the story, and root for the two of them. Another great beach read.

You can pick up Play For Me in stores on Tuesday, June 20th from Berkley.

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