Book Review: ‘Perfect On Paper: A Novel’ By Sophie Gonzales

I really like the previous novel from author Sophie Gonzales titled Only Mosty Devasted and now she is back with her new novel Perfect On Paper. It’s a fun novel, with a main character that is wiser in age than she is. It’s a sweet story about young love and confusion about sexuality and a fair look at the issue of young love and confusion.

Darcy Phillips is 16 years old and she gives great advice. She has set up a locker number 89 in her school where students leave messages and 10 dollars and she responds back anonymously (no one knows who runs the locker). Her advise is usually spot on. But she needs to maybe take her own advice. She’s bisexual and she’s in love with her best friend Brooke, who likes someone else. Then the day comes when someone finds out she’s behind locker 89. His name is Alexander Brougham, a spoiled rich teen, who is good looking and on the swim team. He wants her to help him get back his ex-girlfriend. In exchange he will pay her more and keep her secret. And then the fun begins. They have a love/hate relationship as she tries to help him. And then he has feelings for her and she still wants Brooke. Then she makes a confession and everything blows up in her face. And now she realizes she likes Alexander but she likes girls. Can she like boys as well? And will she be able to get everyone to forgive her when they learn the truth?

You can pick up Perfect On Paper in stores on Tuesday, March 9th from Wednesday Books.

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