Book Review: ‘Passion On Park Avenue’ Is A Fun Summer Read

Naomi Powell is the owner of a billion dollar jewelry company and lives in Manhattan. She also just found out the man she has been seeing has died and he was married. She goes to the funeral and meets his wife and his other girlfriend. They compare notes and decide that they have had it with slimy men and make a pact to look out for each other and become friends (and yes this is weird). But they develop a friendship as the months go on.

Months later Naomi has to move from her apartment and her office building as leases are up on both. She has found a place in Tribeca and is looking forward to it. Then she gets a call out of the blue about a place at 57 Park Avenue. She has an interview for one of the apartments. She never applied for one but figures out her late mother did. She decides to go to the interview as she has a past with the place (and it’s not good). The man to interview her Oliver Cunningham is her former friend and the man that ruin her life and that of her mother. She remembers him but he doesn’t recall her. She is downright rude to him and he doesn’t know why (he does notice she is hot). Naomi leaves and figures 57 Park is over until she gets a call for another interview. Oliver passed her and she is one of the finalists for the place (which is the apartment next to Olives’s). Then the final vote as to who will get it comes down to Oliver and he picks Naomi (he’s tired of all old people in the building).

So Naomi decides to move in and is shocked to discover he is her neighbor as well as his father (who also was part of the reason for her bad childhood) who has alzheimer’s. She had this idea she could get revenge on them. But then she sees how his dad is and how he is and softens a bit. She still is hard on him but over time she softens a bit. A sexual attraction develops between them. And before you know it love blossoms. But there’s still the past to deal with and it could end up tearing them apart.

A fun summer read with great characters, a story that turns passionate and hot and letting go of the past to allow one to move forward. This is the first book in a new Central Park Pact Series and I look forward to more fun stories from author Lauren Layne. Perfect for your summer outings to the beach, lake and just chilling at home.

You can pick up Passion On Park Avenue in stores Tuesday, May 28th from Gallery Books.

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