Book Review: ‘Paper Chains’ Is A Story Of Two Women Who Have Secrets And End Up Forming A Friendship

Hannah lives in London and works at a gift shop. India is a free spirit who travels and has a way with people. They are both from Australia. India sees something in Hannah and befriends her. They hang out a lot and seem to be getting close. Yet somethings keeps them apart. They both have secrets. Hannah’s involves Liam. India’s involves Simon. Both seem to have left these guys behind.

We then learn Hannah’s secret and she finally tells India what it is. India gets her to try and fix what she did. India also has a secret. She has been writing letters to Simon, who is in Greece, and giving them to random strangers to try and get them to him. When one posts on Facebook he sees one of them. India says she has a secret and will tell him in the next letter.

Soon things change in dramatic ways for both Hannah and India and they find they are linked in a way they never knew.

A story of friendship for two people that really need it. A compelling story with twists and turns that keep the reader engaged right up to the very end.

You can pick up Paper Chains in stores on Tuesday, September 3rd from William Morrow Trade Paperback.

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