Book Review: ‘Owl Be Home For Christmas’ Is The Next Fun Meg Langslow Mystery From Donna Andrews

It’s Christmas time in Virginia and Meg’s Grandfather is having an Owl convention in town at the Caterphilly Inn. And Meg is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. The whole family is there as are almost 200 people attending and staying in the inn. And it just happens to be the worst Snowstorm hitting the area in forever. Three feet plus of snow. Everyone is stuck in the hotel for days with no phones, internet or cable. Luckily there is a generator and lots of food. So things go on like normal.

The conference goes on like normal and everyone has to put up with one horrible, cranky man Dr. Oliver Frogmore. He is pissing everyone off and has a sorted past with quite a few of the people attending. This is a Meg Langslow novel so of course the Dr. is murdered and now the hunt is on for whoever killed him. Luckily her cousin Horace (who is a cop) is in the hotel and leads the investigation until the Chief (who is given a ride on a snowmobile) and the other authorities can get to the inn whenever the storm breaks and things get back to normal. Meg is in the center of the investigation and soon they narrow down who it might have been and once again Meg finds herself in danger until the killer is caught.

If you haven’t read any of the 26 Meg Langslow novels why not? These novels are fun with great and somewhat quircky characters, easy to read with stories that have twists and turns to engage the reader. If you’re a fan of fun, offbeat small-town mysteries pick up this book and others in the series. You won’t be disappointed.

Owl Be Home For Christmas is in stores on Tuesday, October 15th from Minotaur Books.

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