Book Review: ‘Overthrow’ Is The Next Thrilling World War III Novel From David Poyer

Author David Poyer is back with his next novel featuring Navy Officer Dan Lenson and continuing the World War III story-line. The allies are focusing on China, North Korea and Iran. Things haven’t gone great for the allies lately but they are staying focused and weakening China. Operation Rupture is about to go into effect, with an effort to capture Chinese territory.

It’s been three long years and everyone is tired of this war. Money, troops and supplies are drying up and things need to change. The story focuses on other characters as well. Dan’s wife Blair is working with rebels in China, Hector Ramos is still fighting for Taiwan, Dan’s daughter Nan is helping to fight a epidemic and Teddy Oberg is training people for another mission that he hopes will change the war.

It’s an intense look at this war from many different looks and people as it draws on and on. Intense battles, sophisticated weapons and personal issues with people, engage the reader in this thrilling continuation of World War III from author David Poyer.

You can pick up Overthrow in stores on Tuesday, December 3rd from St. Martin’s Press.

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