Book Review: ‘Overkill’ Is The Next Thrilling Alex Hawke Novel

The battle between Alex Hawke and Vladimir Putin is back on and it is a brutal battle involving Alex’s son, Switzerland and an attempted takeover of Russia. Author Ted Bell is back with his tenth novel featuring Alex title Overkill, in stores on Tuesday, May 1st, from William Morrow.

Putin is on the run after being taken out in Russia (if only). An attempt is made on his life as he is on the run to regroup and plan his return to power in Russia. He survives and is hiding out in Switzerland. He contacts Uncle Joe, a man who once turned on him, and gets him back in the fold. Putin soon buys a mountain hideaway and plans his return to Russia. Part of his plan is to get revenge on Alex Hawke, who turned on him in a previous story. He manages to grab his son Alexei during a ski trip in Switzerland. Operation Overkill is now in motion. Putin wants nothing better that to return to Russia and to get revenge on Alex.

Alex will not stand for this and stars his search for his son. He calls in his trusted friends and it begins. Putin is reported dead but Alex doesn’t believe it and soon learns he is alive. He gets the best search and rescue people in the business and no stone is unturned to find his boy and track down Putin. It’s a race against time to get his son and to stop Putin from trying to recapture his glory days as the head of Russia.

And if that’s not enough the woman Alex was in love with that broke his heart is back. Sigrid wants to help find Alexei and explain to Alex why she left.

This was my first time reading one of Ted Bell’s Alex Hawke adventures. I am hooked. The characters are thrilling, the action heart-pulsing and it’s a page turner of a story. I could not put the book down wanting to see who would outmaneuver who until the final climax of the story. One of the best thrillers I have read in a while and only wish I had time to go back and read the nine previous books!

* Paramount Pictures has also optioned the previous book for a major motion picture set for release in 2019.

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