Book Review: ‘Outlawed: A Novel’ By Anna North

by | Dec 24, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

The year is 1894 and 17 year old Ada has gotten married in the west. She’s expected to get pregnant and have lots of kids. But after a year with her husband and another man she hasn’t gotten with child. Then other women in the town become sick and lose their children. Ada is accused of being a witch and is shipped off to a convent. She knows there’s more out there and soon gets sent to Hole In The Wall Gang. They’re known as robbers and led by the mysterious person known as Kid. She soon learns not everything is as it seems and soon a dangerous plan is put into motion, one that could get them killed.

A solid western tale that is part Handmaid’s Tale and True Grit. The story looks at sexual identity and race relations in an intersting way and the story is sold and keeps the reader engaged.

You can pick up Outlawed in stores on Tuesday, January 5th from Bloomsbury.