Book Review: ‘Out Of The Ashes: A Novel’ By Kara Thomas

Samantha Newson is a nurse in Queens, still suffering from the deaths of her mother, father, and baby sister 13 years ago. Her family house was burned down with all three in the house, though no bodies were ever recovered. It was assumed they were murdered, and nobody was ever charged. Today, Samantha has returned to her hometown to clean out the house of her uncle, who has died. An investigator for the state of New York, Travis Meacham, has been assigned to look at the case again, after a man has come forward with potential new information, and that her baby sister was seen carried out of the fire. With the case reopened, Samantha has to relive the memories all over again, and decides to investigate on her own. She’s determined to find out the truth, no matter what it may be. A well-written female character, and the story is engaging throughout the novel. With well-placed twists, this is a strong spring novel.

You can pick up Out Of The Ashes in stores on Tuesday, May 1st.

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