Book Review: ‘Our Woman In Moscow: A Novel’ By Beatriz Williams

Whether she writes by herself or with her friends Lauren Wiig and Karen White, author Beatriz never writes a bad novel….never. And her newest one is another great one. Set in the time of the cold war, a woman risks everything to save her twin sister Iris and get her out of Moscow. In 1952 Ruth Macallister gets a visit from an FBI agent named Sumner Fox, an ex big-time football player at Yale. It’s about her twin sister who went missing 4 years ago. It’s rumored she and her husband Sasha Digby defected to the Soviet Union, with their children. Sasha had worked with their brother Harry at the Embassy in in Rome in 1940, when the sisters first met him. He and Iris started dating and soon she was pregnant with his child and they got married as Italy started to get into the war. The KGB suspects Sasha of being a double agent but have no proof. When Iris writes to Ruth, she asks her to come to Moscow to help with the baby she’s about to have. Seeing an opening Fox sets up a plan to go with her as her ‘husband’ and help get her sister and family out of there. The KGB is on to them and it’s a game of cat and mouse, with shocking results. It’s another great Historical Fiction novel, written in the unique style we’ve come to expect from Beatriz. A good way to start off the summer!

You can pick up Our Woman In Moscow in stores on Tuesday, June 1st from William Morrow.

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