Book Review: ‘Our Trespasses: A Paranormal Thriller’ By Michael Cordell

Matthew Davis lives in Brooklyn and is a cook at a diner. He escaped his Hatchett, Nebraska home town 10 years ago and never has looked back. He works, drinks beer and works some more. He basically has no life. Then he feels it…the death of his twin brother Jake. They’ve always had a strong connection and he knows Jake is gone. He flys home for the funeral and to find out what happened to Jake (who was murdered). He finds out Jake wasn’t all that nice of person over the years and had enemies. When Matthew starts having these strange feelings he knows something is not right with Jake and soon learns he’s in Hell and wants Matthew to submit to his master and free Jake to return. If Matthew cannot find a way to break the connection to Jake it could mean Hell on Earth. I really enjoyed this novel, it’s start off fast and never lets up, a real page-turner you won’t want to put down.

You can pick up the book now in stores. Check out the Publishers site for more great novels and check out Michael here.

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