Book Review: ‘Our Kind Of People: A Novel’ By Carol Wallace

The year is 1874 and the high society people of New York in the Guilded Age have expectations of each other and what it means to be among the elie. Joshua Wilcox married into society but was not raised or brought up in it. And now it’s time for his oldest daughter into society. But Joshua is in a financial bind and soon loses the family home. The family has to move in with his wife Helen’s mother, who never approved of Joshua and they become the talk of the society people. As his two girls Alice and Jemima grow and become involved with less than stellar men, the family once again struggles with what society expects of them. There’s one last hope to regain the family fortune and set things right. A great look at the time period and what it was like to have to live through what society thinks, instead of what the heart things. For fans of Bridgeton and Downton Abbey, this will be a fun read.

You can pick up Our Kind Of People in stores on Tuesday, January 11th from Putnam.

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