Book Review: ‘One True Patriot: An Eric Steele Novel’ By Sean Parnell

Eric Steele is on his next assignment of taking out 4 physicists in Syria. As part of the Alpha elite team, he’s been trained for these kind of jobs. He’s able to get in and out, with his job done. What he doesn’t know is this assignment will come back to bite him and the Alphas in the butt.

After this event happens Alphas are being targeted around the world. A beautiful, mysterious woman is killing Alphas. A group has hacked into the Alphas online system and is fully aware of all the members and what they’re up to. It also seems there’s a mole among in the Government helping these people. The Alphas are all told to stand down.

This doesn’t work for Eric. He’s determined to find this woman and end her. Before he can do this, he learns shocking news about his Father. It sends him on a dangerous journey seeking information. When this mysterious woman takes the fight to American soil it will be up to Eric Steele to try and save the day. It all leads to a shocking climax and an ending that sets up the next chapter in this series.

Another solid novel in the Eric Steele series. Author Parnell’s puts his military background into great use in this story. It’s all solid action leading the the big ending. And with the last three words in the novel, we now have something to look forward to in the next installment.

You can pick up One True Patriot in stores on Tuesday, September 1st from William Morrow.

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