Book Review: ‘One Step Too Far: A Frankie Elkin Novel’ By List Gardner

The sequel to last years first Frankie Elkin is a solid novel but not as good as the first one. We do get a lot more backstory on Frankie and her past and this was the highlight of the book. Frankie is a free-spirit who roams the country finding missing people, mostly dead, as she has a unique gift for finding people. Tim O’Day diasppeared five years ago while on a weekend getaway with his four friends, for a bachelor party in Wyoming’s Shoshone National Forest, high up in the mountains. Something went wrong and only the four friends came back. Tim vanished and was never seen again. Today his father is once again searching for his remains and to figure out what happened to him. Frankie finds out about this and shows up to be a part of the search team. The first day and each suceeding day things go wrong. And they soon figure out they have company that doesn’t want them to survive (and not everybody does). Along the way what happened to Tim and others that went missing will be revealed and Frankie will figure out the shocking truth about who was/is responsible for all the deaths and troubles on the mountains.

You can pick up One Step Too Far in stores on Tuesday, January 18th from Dutton.

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