Book Review: ‘One Perfect Summer: A Novel’ By Brenda Novak

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Three women that had never met find out on a DNA site and find out they are related, which is shock to all three. They have been talking and decide to meet at a cabin in Lake Tahoe, owned by one of the women’s family Serenity. Reagan and Lorelei arrive together with Lucy, the daughter of Lorelei.

And do these three women have a lot of baggage in their lives. Serenity’s husband is in prison because of something she found out about him. Reagan is in love with her married boss and had a one night stand with him and Lorelei found out her husband had an affair with her best friend and got her pregnant. The plan was to stay for a week but each make the decision to stay for the whole summer and each has to figure out where their lives will be going forward.

And the three women are also trying to find out how they’re related to each other. They’re all grew up in different parts of the country and try to peace together how it happened. As the summer goes along each are faced with new challenges in their lives. And they learn the shocking truth of how they’re related to each other.

At it’s core the story is about family. Three women find each other and discover family and closeness with each other. They have their moments of not getting along but in the end they are there for each other. Brenda Novak is at the top of her game once again with this sterling novel about family.

You can pick up One Perfect Summer in stores on Tuesday, April 7th from MIRA Books.