Book Review: ‘One Night Gone’ Is A Good Debut Novel

Two women lives become entwined and even though they have never met. In 1986 Maureen was in town working for the circus in Opal Beach and became friends with some of the locals, including Clay Bishop, from a very wealthy family. In 2015 Allison moves to here to house sit for three months, in a house right next door to the Bishops.

Allison soon meets Tammie, who works for the local coffee show and in mistaken for Maureen. Tammie was best friends with her all those years ago until Maureen vanished. Tammie tells Allison about Maureen and together they start to investigate what might have happened back then. The more they dig Allison figures out that not is all it seems in this small beach town and soon finds herself in danger when the secrets of the past come to light.

The story is told in two time streams. We follow Maureen as she arrives in town until she disappears. And we meet and follow Allison from the time she arrives in town up until she finds herself in danger. It’s a solid debut novel from author Tara Laskowski, that has two intriguing stories going on at the same time until the clash in present day.

You can pick up One Night Gone in stores on Tuesday, October 1st from Graydon House.

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