Book Review: ‘Once You Go This Far’ Is The Next Thrilling Roxanne Weary Novel By Kristen Lepionka

Roxanne Weary is in the wrong place when Rebecca Newsome is found dead while on the hiking trails. She is suppose to meet her brother Andrew who is late. She sees Rebecca’s dog and figures out something is wrong. She had met her before the hike. The police arrive and everyone goes to the hospital. There she meets Rebecca’s very pregnant daughter Maggie, who is due to have her baby the next day. It is ruled an accident when Rebecca dies.

Roxanne is hired to look into the death and it doesn’t look like it was an accident. She goes to Toledo where Rebecca lived and finds things are not what they seem. A religious organization that is pro-life, a medical company led by a woman running for Congress, an ex-husband and religious leader all play into what happened to Rebecca and a much bigger plot is uncovered. It puts Roxanne and many others in jeopardy and it’s a race against time to foil it.

Roxanne also learns a big family secret and she and Tom must figure out if they will make a go of it or not.

This is the fourth book in the series and it continues the tale of Roxanne, a great PI and character that is really developing well in book four. The story has twists and turns leading up the climax finale. Another solid novel in the series.

You can pick it up in stores now from Minotaur Books.

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