Book Review: ‘On Deadly Tides: A Penny Brannigan Mystery’ By Elizabeth J. Duncan

Penny Brannigan is back for her 11th adventure and of course whereever she is death seems to follow.

In the Welsh town of Beaumaris Penny is here for a painting weekend getaway with Bill Ward, a TV star turned painter. On her first night in the bar Penny meets two people, a photographer named Colin Campbell and a reporter named Jessica Graham. She is hear to interview Bill and investigate a murder. But then the next morning Penny finds Jessica dead at the bottom of a cliff. The police thing it was an accident but Penny thinks it was murder, so she gets on the case. She soon discovers clues to prove her case and the killer might be right in front of her eyes as she also embarks on a new romance.

Another solid story featuring the great character of Penny Brannigan. She’s always fun to read and this adventure is fun in only the way Elizabeth J. Duncan can write it.

You can pick up On Deadly Tides in stores now from Crooked Lane.

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