Book Review: ‘Obliteration: An Awakened Novel’ By James S. Murray And Darren Wearmouth

An Epic showdown between The Queen of the Creatures, Arnold Van Ness and Tom Cafferty highlights the third book in the Awakened series.

It’s been a few years and Tom Cafferty and his team are still fighting the creatures from below. They’ve been kind of quiet but the time has come for them to strike. They have evolved a lot over the years and now they make their move. They have now struck across the country and killed millions and there’s nowhere to run now. The President has taken to the sky and Cafferty barely made it there as well.

There’s only one man who can stop this Van Ness and Tom now has to face his enemy and hope that he has the answers. As a matter of fact he does and it comes down to a deal they must make. At the end of all this only one of them can live. Van Ness takes Cafferty to a secret place and shows him how he will defeat the creatures. It involves having to destroy the Queen of the creatures with a daring plan.

The question is can Van Ness be trusted and will his plan work to destroy the Queen or will it be the end of mankind as we know it? And who will be the one standing tall at the end of all of this?

Not sure if it’s the final book of the series but if it is goes out on a thrilling note. The book is all action, with a thrilling showdown between the Queen, Van Ness and Cafferty, that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

You can pick up Obliteration in stores on Tuesday, June 23rd.

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