Book Review: ‘November Road’ Is A Great Mob/Love Story

The Mob, Kennedy’s assassination and a married woman on her way to start a new life with her two girls make up this incredible novel. Author Lou Berney (The Long and Faraway Game) which won a number of crime awards is back with November Road (Morrow in stores Tuesday October 9th). It’s a compelling story set in 1963 that you won’t be able to put down. A real page-turner with twists and turns right up to the shocking ending.

New Orleans 1963 and Frank Guidry is out on the town having a good time. His last job for mob boss Carlos Marcello has been done. He had to leave a car in Dallas for someone. A few days later after a late night of drinking and sex he learns that President JFK has been killed. He’s in shock like everyone else. Until he learns it was in Dallas near where he was just recently. He receives a call from the assistant to Carlos, a woman name Seraphine. She tells him to go to Houston and recover the car and get rid of it. He does what he is told and then she says something to him that makes him realize that he is a dead man walking because he knows Carlos was involved (and him indirectly) with JFK’s death. He takes off on the run not sure who he can trust.

Charlotte is married with two girls. Her husband is an alcoholic and spends too much time drinking. She can’t take it anymore and decides to leave him. She takes the girls and their dog and hits the road. She plans on going to California and hopefully staying with her estranged aunt (who she hasn’t talked to in years). On the way her car gets wrecked when she slides off the road in New Mexico. It gets towed and they have to wait in town for a few days to get it fixed.

A hitman named Barone is dispatched to find Frank and take care of him. Frank has a good head start on him. When he gets into New Mexico he happens to star at the same hotel as Charlotte and his daughters and becomes friends with them. He figures out they would be a perfect way for him to keep going. A man with his wife and kids is a great cover. He gets close to them and he and Charlotte become romantic. He is having feelings he never thought he would feel. She is as well. But danger is right around the corner when they get to Las Vegas.

Frank has met up with an old associate who is helping him get out of the country and he wants to take Charlotte and the girls. But things may not work out when Barone shows up and the people he has trusted are working against him and could result in countless deaths.

Author Lou Berney is hitting the road for a big time book tour. If you would like to meet him, pick up the book and get it signed click here for the details. And do yourself a favor and pick up the book. You won’t be disappointed!

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