Book Review: ‘Not The Witch You Wed: A Novel’ By April Asher

The first in a new series by April Asher is a delightful, witchy rom-com, full of great magical characters and a fun story to follow along with. It has everything you could want if you’re a fan of magic and rom-coms. Violet Maxwell is the oldest of the triplet Triad sisters of magic. Her Grandmother is the powerful Prima Witch and Violet is next in line to be Prima. But she doesn’t want it and has very little magic for whatever reason. Her sister is engaged and is set to be the new Prima. Lincoln Thorne is a wolf shifter and in charge of the North American pack and sits on the board overseeing magic with the Prima. He is also an old friend of Violet and her first boyfriend, who broke her heart. She hasn’t seen him in years until now and has hate for him. Both her and Lincoln are told they need to be married base on magical laws. They make a pact to be a couple to try and fool the board. They soon get closer and Violet is starting to forgive him, even though he won’t tell her the real reason he broke her heart (he can’t under a pact he made with his late father). And soon Violet’s magic appears and she needs to get it under control. She and Lincoln soon engage in a hot sexual relationship as well and they both want to try and change the laws and have a sudden understanding of exactly who they are to each other.

You can pick up Not The Wich You Wed in stores on Tuesday, February 8th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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