Book Review: ‘Northern Spy: A Novel’ By Flynn Berry

A thrilling tale set in Ireland involving the IRA, spies and informants. A story that gets better page after page that you won’t want to put down. Get ready for a ride.

Tessa is a divorce mom, with a six-month old baby boy named Finn, in Ireland. She works at the BBC and at work one night she sees a story about the IRA at a gas-station robbery and one of the suspects is her own sister Marian. She’s shocked and soon the police are questioning her about her sister being an IRA member. She knows nothing about this and swears her sister isn’t part of them. Soon Marian comes to her and tells her the shocking truth and then asks her to do something so shocking. Soon Tessa finds herself in a situation that could cost her not only her son but her life.

You can pick up Northern Spy in stores on Tuesday, April 6th from Viking.

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