Book Review: ‘No Sunscreen For The Dead’ Is The Next Fun Serge Storms Novel

Tim Dorsey is back with his 22nd adventure with Serge Storms in the sunshine state of Florida. Once again Coleman is back for the ride. When Serge reads about an older couple at a retirement resort getting busted for having sex in public his interest is peeked. He thinks the elderly are being treated unfair and they start their tours of retirement homes to find one to live in. Coleman is excited about retiring.

They end up in Sarasota after meeting a nice couple and soon become friends with the people of Boca Shores. They learn these older folks have been swindled by sales people into buying things they don’t need. Serge goes into action and takes care of these salesmen in unique Serge style (which means crazy killings) and helps return the money to these people. He also takes care of the owner of Boca Shores, whose rules are sometimes really strict. He and Coleman soon show these people how to have fun at their ages. It includes smoking pot, dancing and road trips.

Some of the residents have secrets pasts that go back to the FBI and Russia that have been coming to light causing people to die. The FBI is soon on the case and it could lead to some of them dying before the case is solved. And as usual the police are investigating the deaths that Serge has caused (he’s good at covering his tracks).

It’s another fun Serge book. Serge and Coleman are two awesome characters to read. The stories are always entertaining and full of fun facts. Serge is also a very well educated person. Coleman is just great comic relief.

If you haven’t read any Serge books before jump right on in now. Each story is self-contained so you wouldn’t have had to read any previous one.

No Sunscreen For The Dead is available in stores now from Morrow.

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