Book Review: ‘No More Words: A Novel’ By Kerry Lonsdale

The first book in a new trilogy series starts off strong with a mystery about a missing sister. Olivia Carson has just thrown out her boyfriend Blaze and looks out and sees a young boy at her house. He looks just like her estranged sister Lily, who left home at sixteen when she was pregnant. Now Josh has just shown up at her house. He has a medical condition and doesn’t talk much and is not easily understood. He says his mother ran away and soon Olivia finds a power of attorney for her. Olivia goes on the hunt to find out what happened to Lily and if she’s still alive. And the answers might be with her own dysfunctional family and in the drawings that Josh does. Shocking secrets soon come out and her family might never be the same again. Just where is Lily and what has happened to her?

I love Kerry Lonsdale books and this is another good one. A great start to this series with mysteries and twists and turns that keep the reader engaged throughout and still leaves a few questions for the next two chapters. A perfect summer read.

You can pick up No More Words in stores on Tuesday, July 6th from Lake Union.

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