Book Review: ‘No Escape Claws’ Is The Next Fun Second Chance Cat Mystery

The sixth book in the series finds Sarah Grayson and her cat Elvis involved in yet another mystery in town. Set in North Harbor Maine, Sarah owns a secondhand shop selling things she finds and buys. She also works part-time with her family doing Private Investigation work.

Mallory Pearson’s father is in prison for setting a fire that killed his wife (Mallory’s step-mother). She doesn’t believe he’s guilty and wants Sarah and the crew to prove it. Problem is he was seen at the house by the neighbor next door, who is a respected Judge in town. Her father refuses to talk about it and goes along with the sentence. Sarah has very little to go on but believes her and starts investigating. She digging around asking questions, interviewing people and soon learns shocking truths and may just get the proof she needs.

Along for the journey is her cat Elvis who is awesome. He hangs out at the shop, has an attitude and loves to watch Jeopardy every weeknight. Yes you read that right. You do not want to deprive him of this. If you’re not down with an awesome cat then don’t read this book. But me I can’t wait for the next one and if I had the time would go back and read the first five stories.

The book is in the paperback format so it’s real easy to read and available in stores now.

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