Book Review: ‘No Bad Deed’ Is A Thrilling Debut Novel

The debut novel from author Heather Chavez is a thrill-ride that starts off strong and never lets up. She takes the reader on a psychological journey with twists and turns leading up to a climatic ending. A page-turning story that you will not want to put down.

Cassie Larkin is on her way home from her veterinary business she owns. Once again it’s a late night which means she missed dinner with the family. Close to home she sees a man and a woman fighting and it getting physical. She dials 911 and is told to stay in the car which she doesn’t do. She gets involved with the situation and finds the woman close to death. The man tells her to ‘let her die, and I’ll let you live.’ Kind of a weird statement and then he steals her mini-van, which also contains her purse. The police arrive and get statements and Cassie is finally able to go home.

She’s worried that the man will come after her and the family but the police tell her she should be okay. The next day is Halloween and her husband is taking their daughter out. She gets home late again and is at home and notices they haven’t returned and it’s getting late. She tries to call but no answer. She goes looking for them and finds her daughter but her husband has gone missing. He left her with a woman he knew from school. Then she gets weird messages from him saying he needs time and has been having an affair.

Then she keeps getting messages that are strange, finds out someone is watching her, finds her house bugged and her husband still missing. She is working with the police but no luck finding the man who attacked the woman or her husband. Cassie decides to go on offense and starts her own investigation and finds suspicious people and things that don’t add up. Then she gets shocking news about her past and how it all ties together with what’s going on and makes a last stand that could cost her the life of her family and herself.

Is author Heather Chavez keeps writing novels like this one she will be someone to watch for in the future. You can pick up No Bad Deed in stores on Tuesday, February 18th from William Morrow.

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