Book Review: ‘Nine Liars: A Truly Devious Novel’ By Maureen Johnson

The fifth novel in the Truly Devious series is another winner. High school senior, and murderer solver, Stevie Bell is at a loss. She has no new cases to investigate, her best friends are all apply for college, she’s not sure what she wants to do, and her boyfriend David in studying in London. When he suggests she and her friends come visit for a week over Thanksgiving, she gets permission, and they’re off to England. When they get there, they all meet David’s friend Izzy, who mentions her aunt Angela was involved in a murder situation in 1995, with her friends known as The Nine, at an estate, when two of them were found dead. The case was never solved, but it’s been bothering Angela ever since. Then Angela goes missing, and Stevie is on the case. Via flashbacks, we learn what happened that night, and Stevie is slowly putting pieces together, but is unable to solved it as her plane is about to leave London, when she finally figures things out, misses her plane, confronts the rest of the friends, and has a personal setback. The life of a high school teenager. Fans of this series will love this new one. You become invested in the story all the way along. I can’t wait to see where author Johnson goes from here.

You can pick up Nine Liars in stores on Tuesday, December 27th from Harper Collins.

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