Book Review: ‘Nine Elms’ Is A Good Start To A New Series

Kate Marshall should have been on top of the world. Fifteen years ago she found the Nine Elms serial killer. It was none other than her boss. But it all turned against her. It came out she had a brief fling with him (two times) and became pregnant. This ended her career not made it.

Now fifteen years later she is teaching at an English University. Her son is being raised by her mom and dad and she has a good relationship with him. She is an alcoholic and struggles everyday with her sobriety. Still things seem to be going okay until someone contacts her asking for her help to mind their missing daughter from her previous life as a cop. She decides to investigate as it might have something to do with the Nine Elms killer (who is in a high security prison). On top of that there’s now a copycat serial killer doing everything the original Nine Elms killer did. Kate is drawn into the case and slowly finds clues and then ends up with her life in danger as she was once an almost victim of him. She must do everything in her power to save herself and her son (who was visiting) to end this copycat killer.

A great start to a new series with the character of Kate Marshall. The character is well-written and the story moves along at a great pace leading up the climatic showdown. A second book is already being advertised for October 2020 and I will look forward to reading it and continuing the series.

You can pick up Nine Elms in stores on Tuesday, December 3rd.

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