Book Review: ‘Night Shift: A Novel’ By Robin Cook

Jack Stapleton and his wife Laurie are both medical examiners, she runs the department, and he does autopsies. On this day, the body of their friend Dr. Susan Passero is on the slab, and Jack does the autopsy. He doesn’t find anything unusual, and this bothers him, as can’t put down a cause of death. Jack decides to go against protocol, and investigate the death himself, ruffling some feathers along the way. He finds out Susan had her enemies at the hospital where she worked, and now the killer knows what Jack is up to, and decides he must put an end to Jack. A solid thriller, with well-written characters, leads to a suspenseful climax. I like Robin Cook novels, he has written better stories, but this one will satisfy fans of his.

You can pick up Night Shift in stores on Tuesday, December 6th from Putnam.

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