Book Review: ‘Never Tell’ By Lisa Gardner Is The Next Thrilling D.D. Warren Novel

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner is back with book 10 of her D.D. Warren series. The book starts off with a murder and then keeps up the high octane right up to the climax of the story. Never a dull minute in one of Lisa’s books. The action keeps up throughout the story. I like to call these type of novels page-turners.

Evie Carter (who is 5 months pregnant) arrives home and finds her husband Conrad shot dead. It brings back memories of her father’s shooting 16 years ago (which she also found when coming home). Evie picks up the gun and shots her husband’s laptop 12 times. The police arrive and arrest her. Soon D.D. Warren is on the case and recognizes the name. She worked the dad’s case all those years ago.

While ate the crime seen she sees Flora across the street. Flora is her CI and she has seen Conrad before when she was kidnapped by Jacob. They met at a bar years ago. D.D. is not sure how this works into the case but asks Flora about it. It brings back all those memories of Jacob. Flora even brings the F.B.I. into the case since it is a federal case.

D.D., Flora and the F.B.I. are now on the case and Evie finally starts talking and says she didn’t kill her husband or her father (she even changes her story) and when Evei’s house burns down it muddles the case even more. When they start getting leads it takes them to the bowls of the dark web and leads to shocking admissions and possibly more people losing lives.

These novels are so good. The characters are well written and the stories move along at a great pace. She never misses a beat with these D.D. Warren stories. You don’t have to have read any previous books to jump on in. Enough backstory is given and each book is written like a stand alone story.

You can pick up Never Tell in stores on Tuesday, February 5th from Dutton.

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