Book Review: ‘Never Grow Up’ Is Jackie Chan’s Story In His Own Words And A Great Look At His Life

Jackie Chan is a great martial arts actor as well is equally as great doing comedy. It seems like he’s in every movie that comes out these days with any type of martial arts. There’s a lot to Jackie and now in his autobiography we here straight from him. From his birth in 1954 and weighing 12 freaking pounds, which caused an emergency c-section. Even before he was born he was a kicked in the womb. He grew up a trouble maker, often getting in trouble. He learned martial arts from an early age and was put into the China Drama Academy at age six, which also taught martial arts. It was a school that had tough rules and never any down time. From there he went into being a stunt man. He tells all about his early jobs and making a name for himself. He also talks about some of his early dating and party nights.

From there he went to Hollywood (not knowing english when he went there). It follows his rise in the movies and his personal life, marriage and son Jaycee. There are lots of great behind the scenes stories, pictures and even sections written by his longtime friend and movie publicist Zhu Mo (who tells more great stories).

Lets face it Jackie is an icon and the book starts out talking about his honorary Oscar and the ceremony when he got it. It’s another great story. If you’re a fan of Jackie and even if you’re not, it’s a great look at the man’s life and the entertainment industry. And he is brutally honest, which is refreshing from someone in his field.

You can pick it up in stores now from Gallery Books.

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