Book Review: ‘Never Coming Home: A Novel’ By Hannah Mary McKinnon

Lucas Forester has always been a hustler, He grew up poor, with a dad who could barely keep him fed and sheltered. But he loved his dad and would do anything for him. Lucas fell in with some bad people and his dad lost $50,000 of the bad guys money. Then he had a stroke. Lucas found a home for him and took off, changed his name and continued his hustling ways. He met the beautiful, rich Michelle at an event and London and swept her off her feet. They were soon married and he played the loyal husband and let her spend her money. He had his own job and money but nothing like Michelle or her family. All the while he’s been plotting to do away with her. He forms a plan and works months to have it take place. He thinks he’s in the clear until one day he gets something in his mailbox from someone that says they know. Lucas tries to figure out who it could be and gets more warnings and decides to go on offense. But this is his undoing and he soon finds himself in serious trouble when the person is revealed. I really enjoyed this book until the predictable reveal (which isn’t hard to figure out). There are some other cool twists and that helps save the book.

You can pick up Never Coming Home in stores on Tuesday, May 24th from MIRA.

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