Book Review: ‘Naked Came The Florida Man’ Is The Next Fun Serge Storms Novel By Tim Dorsey

Author Tim Dorsey is back with book number 23 in his Serge Storms series. This time Serge and Coleman are on a tour of cemeteries throughout South Florida.

A devastating hurricane is hitting Florida and as people in South Florida are driving away, Serge and Coleman are driving into it and hunkering down as the storm hits and leaves. Serge is determined to go on his tour of historical cemeteries. They start in Key West and work their way north. Along the way they make stops and talk to the local people. Something Serge loves to do. They find people that have been wronged and Serge always makes things right. He has a unique way of finding the bad people and making them pay in ways you would never imagine.

The story also harks back to 1928 and a ship that went down that had a lot of gold on it. And then it goes back to a just a few years ago and tells the story on one town’s football team and a girl named Chris. It ties into the 1928 story about the gold and by the end of the story everything comes full circle with Chris, the gold and Serge and Coleman.

If you’ve never read one of these Serge books you are really missing out. Author Tim Dorsey writes like no other author. The characters of Serge and his best bud Coleman may be the best characters in a book series ever. Year after year Tim tops himself with his writing of these two characters and his stories. The imagination and the situations Tim writes are just genius. Not to mention the pop culture and LOL moments in each of these books. Just a great job each and every time.

So hop on board for a road trip I guarantee you will enjoy! You can pick up Naked Came The Florida Man in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from Morrow.

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