Book Review: ‘My Kind Of People: A Novel’ By Lisa Duffy

On Ichabod Island off the coast of Massachusetts people lives are forever changed by events beyond their control. Lisa Duffy has written a heart-warming tale of family, friends and community. The reader follows along as these people’s lives change and secrets are revealed and you root for these characters to be happy.

Maggie is married to Pete and has been for 26 years. Their marriage isn’t working anymore especially after he cheated on her and she forgave him. Leo, who may be the only black, gay guy on the island, is married to Xander. Leo grew up on the island and loves it. Xander not so much. He prefers the big city and they have a weekend marriage. And things haven’t been so good lately since Leo was left guardian to 10 year old Sky and her parents died two months ago. Then there’s busy body Agnes, who has lived on the island and her house since she was born. She likes to think of herself as Queen of the street and the island.

Everyone’s lives are changing. Maggie and Pete separate, Xander can’t take the island anymore or the fact that they have a kid to raise now and a mysterious woman has come to the island with an agenda of her own.

As the days and weeks go on secrets are revealed, some shocking and what will happen with these relationships will be severely tested.

You can pick up My Kind Of People in stores now from Atria.

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