Book Review: ‘My Heart Will Find You: A Novel’ By Jude Deveraux

Etta Wilmont finds herself stuck in Kansas City during the pandemic. She needs to find somewhere to live, and fast. She meets Henry Logan, an older man, who needs a caretaker, and a bond is formed, and she lives with him. They enjoy each other, and she really likes his library. As she reads the historical books about Kansas City, something in her changes, and she has bright, vivid dreams of that time. She’s a mail-ordered bride, married to Maxwell Lawton. Ella begins to wonder what’s going on with her. Can this man really be out there today, and if so how does she find him, or is there a way to stay in the world of the past? Another intense, character driven novel, that only Jude Deveraux can write. Fans of her novels, and this kind of love story novel, will be happy.

You can pick up My Heart Will Find You in stores on Tuesday, April 11th from MIRA.

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