Book Review: ‘Muzzled’ Is The Next Fun Andy Carpenter Novel By David Rosenfelt

As hard as he tries Andy Carpenter just can’t seem to stay retired and hang out with his wife, son and his two dogs. He again takes a case even though he doesn’t want to. This one is of a dead man who’s not so dead.

Alex Vogel was presumed dead weeks ago along with two others on his boat that was blown up. Now weeks later Alex, using an assumed name, calls the Tara Foundation looking for his dog. Beth senses something funny is going on and calls Andy. They tell the man he can come pick up the dog the next day. Andy and the police are waiting. He admits he is Alex and when Pete wants him to come for questioning Andy advises him not to. He’s arrested the next day and is charged with two counts of murder.

He asks Andy to defend him. Andy does not want to do it but figures anybody that loves their dog as much as Alex does can’t be all bad. Andy decides to take the case. He knows it will be hard to win the case. As he starts investigating it he finds it leads to an upstart pharmaceutical company, a local mob boos and a Russian Mafia guy. They all tie in somehow and he has to figure out how that is.

When a shocking event takes place during the trial, Andy is determined to prove that Alex is innocent.

Another fun Andy Carpenter book. It’s always a pleasure to to hang out with these characters and especially when Marcus gets to beat up people. This is book number 21 in the series and I can’t wait to read the next 21 novels.

You can pick up Muzzled in stores now from Minotaur.

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