Book Review: ‘Murder Under Her Sin: A Pentecost And Parker Novel’ By Stephen Spotswood

The year is 1946 and private investigator Lillian Pentecost and her assistant Willowjean Parker get a call that one of Willow’s former circus friends and co-workers is dead. Ruby Donner has been stabbed in the back and Valentin Kalishenko, a knife thrower in the circus and someone that was involved with Ruby, has been arrested and is in jail for the murder. The two ladies head to Stoppard, Va. to investigate the murder and find the person that they believe is really the killer. As they investigate they find secrets and any number of potenital suspects. And soon they get too close to the truth and it puts Willow’s life in danger when the real killer wants to silence her for good. This is book number two in the series (I didn’t read the first one) and I really liked this book. These characters are really well-written and fun to read. I am down for more adventures with the great duo.

You can pick up Murder Under Her Skin in stores on Tuesday, December 7th from Doubleday.

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