Book Review: ‘Murder Most Fowl’ Is The Next Fun Meg Langslow Mystery By Donna Andrews

Book number 29 finds Meg and her extended family busy for the summer. Michael (her husband) is directly Macbeth and her house is full with some of the cast members. On top of that a group of reenactors of Macbeth are staying at Camp Birnam and making it like a real-life Scottish military camp and causing all sorts of problems. Meg is trying to keep on top of them but it’s not easy. Their leader name Macleod is a real piece of work. And there’s a movie director named Damien Goodwin shooting everything in site for a documentary and no one likes him. After he shows sort rough footage he’s shot of his film, he’s found dead in the woods and any number of people could have done it. And now Meg and Rose Noire (who has a lot to do in this novel) are on the case along with cousin Horace and the Sheriff. Meg once again finds her life in jeopardy after helping solve some other crimes that have been taking place but the murder doesn’t want Meg to survive and tell on her.

Another solid mystery in the series with a large group of characters and with Meg leading the way. Each of these novels read as stand-alone books so anytime you want to jump in feel free. They’re really fun reads.

You can pick up Murder Most Fowl in stores on Tuesday, August 3rd from Minotaur Books.

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