Book Review: ‘Murder At An Irish Castle: A Novel’ By Ellie Brannigan

It’s the 30th birthday for Rodeo Drive bridal designer Rayne McGrath, and she’s expecting the perfect day. But it is far from it, she arrives at work to find the shop, and all her money gone. And her boyfriend/partner is also gone. Then she finds out that her Uncle Nevin, who owns McGrath castle in Ireland, has died, and she’s requested there for the reading of the will, along with Nevin’s illegitimate daughter Ciara. She finds out the castle has been left to her, with a bunch of stipulations. She must turn the castle around within a year, or the whole town will suffer. Rayne decides to use the castle to keep up with her bridal business, but suspects that Nevin was murdered, and soon decides to investigate the death, which of course someone doesn’t want her to. This is a great debut of the series, set in Ireland in a castle, a great location, with quirky characters, and a solid story. Can’t wait for the next novel in the series.

You can pick up Murder At An Irish Castle in stores on Tuesday, February 7th from Crooke Lane.

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