Book Review: ‘Mrs. England: A Novel’ By Stacey Halls

by | Mar 26, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Ruby May is a recent graduate of the Norland Institute for the training of ladies as children’s nurses in 1904. She has her first job but the family is moving to America and she doesn’t want to relocatae from England to Chicago, as she doesn’t want to leave her family. She gets a new job with the England family in Yorkshire, as a nurse to the family’s four kids. The wealthry family of Charles and Lilian England, own a mill in an isolated area. Ruby notices right away things are not as they seem. Charles seems to be both father and mother, with Lilian having very little interest in the kids of her husband. Secrets seem to abound in this house as does strange things happening. We alos learn the RUby had secrets of her own that come into play. SHe does her best to protect the children but things reach a boiling poing and soon lifes are in jeopardy and a shocking secret is revealed and someone won’t survive. A solid gothic type novel that keeps the readers engaged as they follow along with the mystery of the family and the house, with some well placed twists.

You can pick up Mrs. England in stores on Tuesday, April 12th from MIRA.