Book Review: ‘Mr. & Mrs. Witch: A Novel’ By Gwenda Bond

Savannah Wilde is a witch. Griffin Carter is a witch hunter. They met a year ago, and fell in love. Now they’re getting married. Neither knows about the other. At the wedding this all changes as they’re about to say I Do. But they don’t as their respective families figure it out, and start fighting. Now that they know about each other, it’s over, and they’re each assigned to kill the other, and they try, but can’t do it. Then they finally talk, and figure out something more is going on, and team up to figure that out. And it won’t be easy, with killers on their trails, but they still love each other, and will see this to whatever ending it comes to. This is a great, magical rom-com, with everything you want, and more. Fans of magic, and romance will love this one.

You can pick up Mr. & Mrs. Witch in stores on Tuesday, March 7th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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