Book Review: ‘Mothered: A Novel’ By Zoje Stage

The follow-up to Baby Teeth (an awesome book by the way), finds author Zoje Stage with another psychological thriller, that will keep you reading and guessing right to the end, of what’s real, and what’s not. The pandemic is in full effect, and Grace has lost her job as a hairstylist when her boss closes down and retires. On top of that, her mother Jackie calls, and wants to move in with her. It will help Grace out with the bills, she just has an estranged relationship with her mother. Things start off okay, but her mother starts to be a pain, Grace is having weird dreams, or are they dreams. A shocking secret is revealed, a murder takes place, and reality is blurred. I’ve only read two novels by Zoje so far, and I really like her style. Can ‘t wait to see what she does next.

You can pick up Mothered in stores on March 1st..

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