Book Review: ‘Mother Land: A Novel’ By Leah Franqui

Two strong-willed women but heads in India and soon learn about themselves then they ever though possible.

Rachel Meyer has moved to Mumbai, India from New York City with her new husband Dhruv (who was born and raised here). He has a good paying job and for her it’s a new start. She’s scared but also looking forward to it. She soon learns she doesn’t fit in all that well with all the customs and ways women are expected to be. And Dhruv works a lot.

One day there’s a knock on the door and it’s Dhruv’s mother Swati, who has left her husband of over forty years and has announced she’s moving in until further notice. She immediately starts taking over and making things her way, which pisses Rachel off. Dhruv says it won’t last and get this figured out but won’t kick his mother out. When the women are butting heads, Dhruv tends to take his mother’s side. Then he has to go out of town for a month to where his father lives and the two women are left alone.

They continue to butt heads until they actually start talking. They find they have more in common then they realize. Before long they are shopping, drinking and going out together. Then they open up and figure out what it is they truly want going forward.

Two strong women that are unhappy are forced to come together and become friends in this heart-warming story. The setting of India plays a big part in the story and you are riveted following these two and rooting for them to get what it is they want. And you also learn a lot of about Indian culture and food!

You can pick up Mother Land in stores on Tuesday, July 14th from William Morrow.

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