Book Review: ‘Molly Bit’ By Dan Bevacqua

This is the story of Molly Bit and how she became an actress and made it big. But fame comes with a price and Molly learns that along the way.

We first meet Molly in college in 1993 and she’s struggling. She has made a short film and her boyfriend Eric has botched it big time. We follow her through the years on her quest for fame. BY 2001 she has made two films and done a spread in Vanity Fair magazine. And after that her career explodes into the next level.

In 2006 she has a whole team with her, including a bodyguard she pays big money to protect her because with fame come crazy people sometimes. And she now has a stalker and she needs the protection. And then we get a twist in the story and no spoilers from this will be posted.

The story has it’s funny moments and we get to know how Molly is feeling as writer Bevacqua tells us her thoughts and ideas. It’s a fun look at one woman’s rise to become a famous, successful actress. It’s a solid, sometimes dark novel that addresses, fame and what can sometimes be the downside of Hollywood.

You can pick up Molly Bit in stores on Tuesday, February 4th from Simon & Schuster.

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