Book Review: ‘Missing Clarissa: A Novel’ By Ripley Jones

In 1999 Clarissa Campbell went missing after a night in the woods at a party. She was the girl next door, a cheerleader, and everyone loved her. Her body was never found, it was assumed she was murdered, or could have run off. Now 20 years later, Blair and Cameron, who are best friends, are starting a podcast for their literature class, and they’re going to investigate the disappearance of Clarissa. They have no idea what they’re doing, just going with the flow. They start interviewing people from back then, and people start to open up, and reveal long-held secrets, including Cam’s mother Irene. But someone doesn’t want them investigating, and when Cam finally figure’s it all out, it may be too late for her. This is a really fun YA novel, with two intriguing characters, a well-written mystery, and a book you want to keep reading. I wouldn’t mind more novels with these characters.

You can pick up Missing Clarissa in stores on Tuesday, March 7th from Wednesday books.

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