Book Review: ‘Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook’ By Celia Rees

After WWII the British has commissioned a Control Commission for their zone in the Germany. They hire Edith to teach there. They also hire her to be a spy. She’s looking for a former lover, Count Kurt von Stavenow, who happened to be a Nazi and a bad guy that they want. She’s hired by Leo but also by Dori. More than one person wants Kurt and Edith is secretly helping Dori over Leo.

Edith is also a great cook and she sends recipes with her letters to Dori in code to let her know what’s going on. Edith finds the conditions there with the children bad. She also has to deal with Germans that are still faithful to Hitler and finding Kurt is not easy. She can only trust a few people around her and is soon pulled in many directions as she searches and finds Kurt.

Plans are put together to grab him but who will get him first will be a mystery. And then a shocking thing happens and it turns the whole story around.

This is the first adult novel for author Celia Rees and it’s quite the book. With it’s gripping story and a strong female lead in Edith, you follow her closely and hope that she can outwit everyone and get what she needs. There’s also a lot of cooking and recipes which will make you hungry as you read it.

You can pick up Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook in stores now from William Morrow.

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