Book Review: ‘Miss Aldridge Regrets: A Novel’ By Louise Hare

In London in 1936 and the life of Miss Lena Aldridge is about to take a dramatic change. She’s 26 years old and is a mixed race woman and a singer in a nightclub. A mysterious man, Charlie Bacon, approaches her and tells her he works for a Broadway producer, who knew her late father, who wants her in his new show. It means leaving for New York right away, taking the Queen Mary ocean liner. A few days before she leaves, her former boss Tommy, husband of her best friend, is poisoned at the club and Lena helps steal money from his safe and coverup the murder. She decides to go to New York and aboard the ship she’s introduced to the rich white family (and she is posing as a white woman) and becomes friendly with them. But then some of them end of dead, murdered and Lena is a suspect. Lena also finds herself in danger on a few occasions and soon learns a shocking secret that will change her life. While trying to save her life, she also meets Will, the lead singer of the ship’s bands, and it may lead to a romance, if she can stay alive. A solid thriller, with twists and turns, that plays nicely with the setting on the ship.

You can pick up Miss Aldridge Regrets in stores in paperback on Tuesday, February 14th from Berkley.

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